Sunday, February 26, 2012

A Weekend Haul!

It doesn't happen often, but occasionally things seem to fall together in perfect harmony. Among my friends it is usually followed by a phrase from a certain popular television show: Everything's coming up Milhouse!

This Friday was definitely a Milhouse moment. After work I had to stop by the post office to pick up a package that missed delivery the day before. Upon opening it, I discovered it to be the Ultimate Magic guide from Paizo. My wife ordered it as a surprise gift for me, hooray! Pleased with my new tome, I picked her up from work and took her to our favorite Indian restaurant in West Philly. I swear I could eat that stuff every day of the week.

After leaving the eatery, we decided to seek out a local game shop in the hopes of finding a new board game to try and to buy a tub of brown wash. Since our last visit the store had changed locations - but after a little searching we managed to find it. It wasn't the largest or most well stocked store but it did have a thriving room full of MTG players. None of the games on hand jumped out at me, although my wife was extremely interested in the card game Kittens in a Blender. Which I must say I might pick up after reading the reviews.

Moving on from the games, I wandered over to the wall of Reaper miniatures. Perusing the selection I noticed a large cardboard box sitting on the floor and inside of it? Classic minis! While excited, I restrained myself to only a few. I've already unboxed them and taken a few photos. Here's the haul...

Ral Partha Anti-Hero 1987

Ral Partha Dwarves 1995 (reissues from 1976-79)

AD&D/Ral Partha Sligs 1990

RAFM Warrior Ghoul (date unknown)

RAFM The Ghost 1995

I'm a bit of a fanatic. I love painting and using miniatures in-game. There's nothing like pulling out a new figure and plopping it on the grid. The look on players faces when they say 'What is THAT!?" never loses it's charm. I can't wait to get these guys primed and ready to go! Unfortunately I still have about 30 figures in front of them already primed and with adventure writing, work and lets not forget real life, it may be a while before these guys even see a brush.


  1. Fantastic figures, especially the ghost rider! Ral Partha were definitely in a league of their own, being more detailed in the casting and slightly more detailed compared to Games Workshop of the same period.

    I still have, in total, just over 600 figures (90% of which are still unpainted) packed away in my loft - I found figure painting so relaxing. I had Flickr on my blog which had images of some of my painted 25mm figures, but a few weeks back the gadget went belly up and I can't get the bugger to work! :(

    Thank you for joining me round the hearth, War Bear, this an honour to have you there. I hope you find something of interest on my blog. Loving your blog design and set up, Andy really enjoying the posts so far.

    Kind regards,

    Mark aka EvilDM

  2. Matt,

    Posted a little plug for your blog on my site with a link to direct folks here. Hope traffic picks up for you, you really deserve more exposure :)

  3. An old tip I picked up years ago for making painted figures for use in game more durable, is to coat them once in matt varnish, once dry, coat them again in gloss varnish - gives a tougher coating than normal.