Saturday, February 11, 2012

Ugh late nights and sickness.

So I've been sick pretty much all week. Not just run of the mill sick either, I'm talking bed ridden, medicine chugging, sleeping all day sick.

Nothing sucks more than using sick time when you're actually sick.

Anyway, having spent most of the week between the sheets I didn't even begin preparing this weeks Goblin Adventures until today (yesterday at this point?). While kinda crammed together, I'm pretty positive it will be a success.

This new game takes place in Korr, the same game world as our other games with a decidedly different angle. The players all play as goblins or hobgoblins. In this case, belonging to the Borgheb clan. (goblinoids work a little differently in the world of Korr than in traditional Pathfinder or D&D) The Borgheb were a clan renowned for their abilities as scouts and explorers. Here is a small excerpt from the introduction...

Two generations ago a group of your ancestors were exploring unknown tunnels far from home. During their expedition they fled from a massive cave-in, only to find themselves trapped inside a surface cave.

Making the best of their situation, the Borgheb set up camp, working in shifts to dig out the rubble. Days turned into weeks and weeks into years. Eventually the prospects of returning home were forgotten, the Borgheb had turned into what every true goblin loathes – Gerbelgaar – surface dwellers.

In addition to adding a bit of history, having the players start as members of the same clan eliminates any need to explain how they know each other and gives them common goals.

The goal of this game is simple, the goblins warren comes under attack by a party of low level adventurers! After defeating the hapless heroes, the clan will inevitably have to move before more humans show up looking for their friends. It falls on the players shoulders to seek out and empty a nearby kobold lair, creating a new and more secluded home for their people.

Within this campaign I hope to send the goblin party on a variety of crazy and hair-brained adventures culminating in the discovery and liberation of the mythical 'Goblin King'. I look forward to watching the players solve new problems that come with the greenskin territory such as "How do I sell loot if I cant go into town?" and "How do I make reasonable trades when the counting system of my race is limited to 'one, a couple, some, a bunch, a whole bunch and all of em?'"

After the game we're going to see if we can't get in a quick match of Paranoia as well.

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