Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Something Old, Something New.

Unfortunately my Paranoia plans for last weekend fell through. It was a little too-late notice for most folks. But not to worry, I've got an RPG double header coming up this weekend with a game of Pathfinder (Goblin PC party!) and our first test run of Paranoia.

Finding ourselves with some free time, my better half and I sat down for an evening of crafting, painting and watching a bunch on Star Trek. In addition to painting a slew of goblins and hobgoblins for the upcoming adventure, I made it a point to paint up some of the figures from Grenadier Models "5004:Tomb of Spells." I've gone ahead and taken a few pictures with them next to more modern figures to give you an idea of how things in the miniatures world have changed since 1980.

A classic Grenadier Mind Flayer against a relatively modern model from Reaper Miniatures.

A classic Grenadier skeleton warrior next to a similar monster from the Kings of War line. (An excellent source of inexpensive bulk figures!)

A modern monstrous spider from Reaper mini's (in the vermin pack i think...) and the 1980 Grenadier version - the thing is heavy!

In addition to painting, I have also started working on a special little project for displaying my classic minis. I hope to finish it tomorrow with pictures included!

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  1. Beautiful. I absolutely love the paint job on the mind flayers! The modern examples are distinctively different from their vintage antecedents, but I think the Grenadiers hold up well, nonetheless. There is a certain charm to those blocky old sculpts that I just can't resist.