Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Short Update

Busy busy busy. I haven't been getting enough sleep lately, but I think I'll survive. I've started writing a series of modules titled "The Lawful Good, The Bad and The Ugly." They are western themed adventures that follow a single story arc. They are intended for my second Pathfinder group in our home made campaign setting, however I am writing them in a way to be adapted for any game.

The current module I'm working on is titled "A Fist Full of Gold." It is actually Part II, as I didn't think of anything for Part I until today. The adventure takes place in the dusty town of Scorpion Gulch, where the players will have to seek out and destroy Bort Blacklungs' gang of outlaws known as The Brown Bottom Boys, a nasty group of goblins, gnolls, hobgoblins and orcs.

The modules are slightly tongue-in-cheek and are intended as beginner-level adventures for new GMs. They include plenty of hints, tips and extra info to help guide players who are new to the game. The difficulty will increase for the players and Game Master with each new module, as they learn new tactics and role play methods.

If I am satisfied with the play-tests, I am considering selling the modules for a dollar or two. But we'll cross that bridge when we come to it.

That's it for now!


  1. As the GM will it be compulsory for you to wear a cowboy hat? ;)

  2. I don't own one, but in a funny reference to headwear, My wife's mother recently sent us a crate of stuff from her childhood. In it was an official AD&D plastic toy helmet and sword!

  3. Official helmet and sword!? I didn't realise they even existed? Did you know there is a game book competition being run for the summer of this year, with a cash prize and winner gets his/her game book published? If interested I'll hook you up with the site link.

    Very much along the lines of the fighting fantasy books of old. It does have me sort of interested.

    Cheers my friend,