Wednesday, May 2, 2012

I'm STILL not dead! lus Reaper bones!

Things are moving along with our home renovation, unfortunately we are pretty much confined to living in one room of our house and that does not make for a very inspiring atmosphere gaming-wise. I also think all the junk food is starting to get to me. Without a kitchen or even the room to use a hot plate we have been eating out a lot more than I'd like to.

I have logged some time on Skyrim which has been enjoyable and Tom came over last Saturday for a mini painting session.

And he brought a special surprise!

He came over with a few figures from Reaper Miniatures "Bones" line.

Reaper is by far my favorite mini producer. I shudder to think how much money they've taken from me but every figure is great and I have no regrets. I still remember leafing through my first Reaper catalog, drooling at the metal madness within those pages.

The new figures in their "Bones" collection are not new, they are figures from their normal line cast in plastic and EXTREMELY inexpensive. The details are not quite what you see in the metal figures but they are detailed enough, durable and did I mention... cheap?!

My only gripe is the "no priming"claim they push on their videos. Tom and myself opened them right away and went straight to painting. We hold the figures with our fingers instead of a small stand and found that the paint rubbed off very easily from normal handling, as such, I recommend priming or dulcote before painting.

All in all, they are a great value and I recommend checking them out at!

Until next time, Happy Gaming!


  1. What kind of paint are you using, Matt? I was dubious of this claim, too, despite being an unapologetic Reaper fan-boy, so I base-coated my purple worm without priming, then rubbed the hell out of it as hard as I could. I was only able to rub off a tiny bit of paint from the pointiest extremities, and I couldn't expect better than that from primed miniatures.

    Reaper does offer the caveat that they have only tested the no-priming claim with Reaper paints, and that other brands may require priming. But if you aren't using Reaper paint you should be! ;)

  2. I generally use a mix of various paints including GW, Reaper (because they always send me free paint in every order!) and some other acrylics. The reaper paint rubbed right off my ogres loincloth.

    Rubbed probably isn't the right word to use, as I don't manhandle them too bad while I paint. I had similar problems with the purple worm.

  3. Hi,
    I've been checking for Bones reviews because of the Bones Kickstarter, and saw your comment about ruboff. Do you thin your basecoat? That can also cause the paint to adhere poorly since plastic and water don't mix well.
    Hope you've had better luck since!