Tuesday, May 22, 2012

My Favorite Monsters: The Otyugh

We had a great, I mean GREAT game this weekend, which I hope to touch upon tomorrow. Tonight however, I would like to discuss one of my favorite monsters: the Otyugh!

What could possibly be so disgusting even an Otyugh has to facepalm?

Squat, hideous, tentacled, sharp toothed and repugnant of odor, the otyugh is everything a dungeon monster should be. They feed primarily on the refuse and decaying matter found in dungeons. Bodies, garbage, offal and other viscera are delicacies to these filthy creatures. Upon discovery of their tendency to eat "unwanted leavings," my gaming group bequeathed otyughs the dubious title of "sh** monsters." Since then the lowly otyugh has become somewhat of a party mascot, appearing as often as possible - and with such memorable names as 'Engelfart Humperstink.' 

 "If you excrete it, I can eat it!" This is my otyugh mini. I confess, there's a few corn kernels on the back side.

While they eat carrion and feature all of the great 'monstery' qualities, my favorite aspect of the otyugh is that for the most part they are pretty laid back dudes. They aren't evil, in fact, more often than not they are neutral. And better than that? They don't howl and shriek, but are capable of regular conversation. Otyughs frequently make deals with dungeon dwellers, exchanging protection services for payment in... well.. you know...


Fortunately for the world at large, otyughs are mostly solitary. I don't think an otyugh society would be enjoyable for anyone and I shudder to think of their system of currency. So next time you need a spare monster to drop into a dungeon, don't forget the good old otyugh! Personally, I'm thinking of a quest revolving around a mid-level otyugh ranger NPC. The possibilities are endless!

Until next time, happy gaming! 

 Bonus picture! A close friend of mine (and player of games) started this giant purple worm about two weeks ago which I finished up for him. That's teamwork!

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  1. The miniatures look great, Matt. I especially like the otyugh.