Monday, May 7, 2012

How Much is TOO much?

Things are moving along slowly with our remodel and I apologize for the lack of posting (and reading!), but sometimes life has to take the driver seat.

Although I do want to talk about something to get my regular gaming fix.

I am fortunate enough to work with quite a few table top gamers, some long time players and others converted by myself, so many of our workplace conversations revolve around gaming culture. It was during one such conversation that got me thinking about out of this world characters.

I like to consider myself an open minded GM, allowing players to field many of their crazy ideas in our campaign world. Split personality? Sure. A character who secretly commits crimes so the party has something to solve? No problemo. A mute? Good luck, but okay. Lizardman Shaman who fuels his magic by consuming the hearts of humanoids? Go for it!

Where do you draw the line, if you draw one at all? I recently had a discussion about creating a male werefox wildmage who shoots spells from a rifle instead of regular casting. A sort of lycanthrope casting sniper. While the conversation was kind of theoretical, I could tell the player had put a lot of thought into it, and as a character it isn't a bad idea. Unfortunately it doesn't fit anywhere into our game world.

I am super tired, so I'll be cutting this short. But my question to other GMs out there is, "What crazy things have you allowed and when have you put your foot down and just said 'No.'?"

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  1. I have played a Malkavian with two personalities, I came up with triggers to call out each personality and we rolled at the start of each day to see who would wake up. That worked well. A friend of mine once GMed for someone who played a Malkavian with ten or so personalities and that didn't work at all, especially since the player demanded random rolls all the time to change personalities (but lost track of them).

    And then there was the Malkavian who thought she was a Ventrue who is a Giovanni and - I kid you not - had a phobia of daises and an allergy to whipped cream. I wish the GM had refused that. has a whole thread devoted to this with hilarious examples like the dwarf in Cthulhu or the Teenage Mutant Lemmings