Friday, December 21, 2012


A lot has happened since last we spoke!

Myself and my business partner Noah have taken the first steps to forming our own legitimate company!

It will be known as "Hero's Ruin Game Co." We've got one game past the playtesting stage and into the design stage. It's a two player strategy board game. It's a steam-punk themed capture the flag style game with various troop pieces and card mechanics. We'll be revealing it in it's complete form soon.

I told you I've been busy!

We've filed all the business paperwork and are in the process of settling down on an artist to do the illustrations for our game.

I know things have been kind of hectic around here and a lot has changed. Unfortunately, things will continue to change around as we move forward. Seeing that we named the company "Hero's Ruin," the current blog as it is will lose it's title. I've had a hard time deciding on what to call it, but I'm sure something can be figured out.

While everything is still in it's infancy, you can still check out our various sites.

"Likes" to our facebook page are greatly appreciated, as we gain access to more tools on a company page when we reach certain levels of "likes". You can visit our Facebook page by clicking here.

You can visit our Twitter page by clicking here.

You can visit our very much in progress tumblr site by clicking here.

Not long from now will be directing to the new site. If you subscribe to this blog through blogger, I don't think it will have any effect. I'm pretty sure for the time being the blog will revert back to warbeargames.

Until next time, Happy gaming!

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