Wednesday, November 28, 2012

There's a Mouse in the House!

Last night I was pleased to play my first game of Mice and Mystics from Plaid Hat Games. Mice and Mystics is a dungeon crawling adventure that places you and a few cohorts into the bodies of tiny mouse warriors. You must fight your way through a treacherous castle filled with all manner of now-giant sized foes including rats, insects and the ever fearsome cat, Brody!

The art is fantastic!

We had a wonderful time playing the game, although I found it a bit too difficult for the suggested rating of ages 7 and up. We were playing with a group of adults and even we had a difficult time at some points. Difficulty aside, the game is great! It comes with glossy chip-board tiles, colorful cards and a handful of very detailed plastic miniatures. The use of tiles is nice, as it leaves plenty of room for future expansions using the rules and figures provided in the original box.

The game mechanics are unique, requiring fast-paced action thanks to a handy system of measuring time. Instead of an hour glass or stopwatch, time is measured by a "storybook timer." Certain actions in the game cause the pages of the book to move forward and if you reach the end of a chapter before reaching your goals...'GULP... it's game over! I also appreciate that defeated characters are considered 'captured' instead of dead, allowing them to return to the game quickly. I was especially thankful as I was the first to be captured in every game session we played.

If you enjoy sword and sorcery with a dash of dungeon delving, this would be a great game to pick up, I highly recommend it!

Until next time, happy gaming!

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