Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Wargaming and Free Junk!

I have been thinking about giving wargaming a shot. If you ask any of my friends they can tell you that my dream is to one day open my own gaming store - and if there's one thing that all shops have in common, it's Warhammer 40k. Well, that and Magic tournaments. Fate must have heard my call because my cousin Ed recently discovered an old box of 40k rules and minis collecting dust in his basement. Apparently his sister's boyfriend left it there years ago when he lost interest in the game. Knowing how much I enjoy miniatures, Ed was kind enough to give me the set free of charge!

Not too shabby!

Now I know the rules are outdated, but I'm pretty sure you are allowed to use old mini's in the newer games. Plus how cool would it be to show up and field an army of old school figures? Anyway, once I get these painted up I think I'll head to my favorite game store and see if I can't learn to play.

As a bonus, the box also had a bunch of pieces from other games. I know the small red pieces in front of the 40k box are pieces from the game "Tower of the Wizard King" because I used to own it! I actually use those same minis as statues in our Pathfinder games. I don't know what game the other pieces came from but they include skeletons, orcs, mummies, an ogre, a snake priest and a strange temple looking piece of scenery with a goofy sword feature. I think I'll add a bit of debris and paint the whole thing up as a diorama or better yet, for use in a future game!

Until next time, Happy Gaming!       

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