Tuesday, April 17, 2012

TPK's and Painting Oldies

Well things have been busy since my last post. Saturday's game went great - if by "great" I mean that I slaughtered the party with a group of measly low level warriors. There was nothing I could do about it. All of our rolls were out on the table and I just rolled super high all night. As the final PC stood against my remaining 4 warriors, she was confidant that they couldn't overcome her AC even though her hit points were low.

Oh how wrong she was.

The warriors attacked: 16, 16, 20, 17! Brutal attacks that rendered the already wounded fighter dead. I did feel a pang of guilt, but this was part of our Group Two game, a campaign that is intentionally combat heavy and savage. The adventure was taken from an old issue of Dungeon magazine and although simple, was surprisingly fun. I like running old modules under Pathfinder rule sets, the new skills really add flavor to the game.

On the miniatures front I am currently painting my way through a variety of older miniatures I have lying around. While I am okay as a painter I feel like I am really on the edge of a breakthrough in the skill department. I recognize that my paint jobs are a little harsh and chunky, now I just need to learn to improve the technique. I am going to try painting slower and I really need to learn how to blend colors. I am considering upgrading my paint set (which is admittedly from a fabric/craft store) to something a little more miniature specific, maybe Vallejo paints. Any advice is appreciated. Here are a few of the figures I completed...

A two headed Ettin. I decided to make the eyebrows flesh colored, to look more caveman-ish.

The Gnome King. This figure came mistakenly in a box set of Grenadier minis called the Tomb of Spells. I couldn't have been more pleased with the mistake, I love this figure.

A young Dragon. I painted this figure to match a large dragon I painted not too long ago. Perhaps there will be some continuity in a future adventure?
And lastly, one of the figures I painted for the fortress diorama I created a few weeks back. I put him here just to show how great the figure is. It's from a company called Red Box Games. I really love their line of figures and plan on getting my hands on more in the future, although I should probably paint the twelve or so figures of theirs that I already purchased at my local gaming store. This figure is by far my favorite and is not available for purchase on their website which is a real bummer. I found painting him so enjoyable that I would probably buy him four more times just to practice different color schemes.

Plus how can I not love a company that makes a mini that looks just like me?

Until next time, Happy Gaming!

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  1. Always a good move to roll in front of the players, it's something I've always done. Sometimes a party just do all the wrong things, and as in life, pay the ultimate price. So long as players remember their characters are living in a dangerous and savage world, and not some Disney cartoon, then all should be cool.

    Some great figures there - the young dragon looks especially sad.