Friday, March 16, 2012


So it's been a busy week and we have an exciting game coming up tomorrow. Blanklee, our resident fighter is venturing off on a quest to save his immortal soul. Having conspired with demons, Blanklee eventually decided to go back on his deal with the outsiders and appeal to the church. He was incarcerated by The Holy Order of the Inquisition and eventually released into the custody of his friend, the cleric Karl.

By Writ of Sentencing, Blanklee must atone for his crimes through Geas/Quest (as in the spell). It is his burden to transport the Portable Portal of Antesulac across the Shattered Wastes to The Sunderforge, where the evil artifact can be safely disposed off.

His close friends Karl the cleric and Gertrude the rogue are traveling along, in the hopes of helping him regain his humanity and pick up a few treasures along the way.

In more exciting news, Ben (who plays Luci the gnome alchemist), is at the hospital right now where his fiance' is giving birth to their first child! Way to go Ben and Min! (apologies if I spelled that wrong!)

That's it for now, happy gaming! 


  1. Matt, one question for you: is Blanklee's soul mortal or immortal? Just hat if it's immortal, why then would it need saving, as surely being immortal no harm can come to it?

  2. I guess it would be considered "mostly immortal." In our game world characters are judged upon death and sent to an appropriate "afterlife" plane. However, a very few abilities can destroy even a characters soul. Max level assassins, use of wish or miracle spells and a few other methods have been known to obliterate the soul of a living being.

    The "saving" is also relative. For example, a truly evil character would view a sentence to the nine hells as a natural progression and welcome it. Blanklee on the other hand is not evil at his core but committed a capital sin, which damns him unless he redeems himself. A hellish hereafter would not be nearly as enjoyable for Blanklee as it would be for the truly evil character.

    I fell like I'm rambling on, I'll stop now.

  3. lol... I wasn't picking holes, just trying to sort out e difference between the two - you know that sort of thing, where flammable and inflammable mean the same thing, just wondered ifbthevsame applied in this case.

    PS: would like to see more pics of your painted figures. Any chance of this in the coming future?