Monday, September 17, 2012

Crocodile Rock!

Our home-brew campaign features an Egyptian inspired race which are far removed relatives of the elves. One of our players (Tom) is a monk of this particular race and has had a hard time finding a suitable figure to depict his character.

Surfing around the mini sites I stumbled onto They have an excellent selection of figures in their online store, including Egyptian/fantasy themed armies! After browsing around for a bit Tom and I decided on a figure for his new character.

My wife was kind mega awesome enough to order it for me today while I was at work. Unfortunately she ordered the wrong one by mistake. I can't blame her - the product numbers were easy to mix up. I wanted WGE-140 and she ordered WGE-114. Phonetically, they sound very similar and I have been known to talk fast when excited.

The wrong (but still cool looking) figure. Image property of Crocodile Games.

I sent an email to Crocodile Games when I got home from work asking if I could swap out the products. My better half pointed out that they were both at the same price-point so I figured I would give it a shot. No harm in trying, right?

I imagine him saying "I love you this much!" Image property of Crocodile Games

Right! I received an email back in short time from Chris telling me it was no problem and that they would swap the figures out! I didn't have to amend my order or "return and re-buy" or any nonsense like that. I know it probably doesn't seem like a big deal to most folks, but I've had my fair share of nasty customer service experiences in the past so this was a pleasant surprise.

I'm excited to see how the figure turns out. I'll be sure to post an image when it's done. I'm considering picking up their Necropolis Guard set as well. They would make an excellent themed hit-squad or group of assassins (who may or may not be hunting down Tom's character, shh!).

On a side note, I was going to originally write " I received an email from a sales rep named Chris..." but after browsing the "About Us" section on their website it seems that I may have been talking to the head honcho of the company! Pretty cool stuff!
Until next time, Happy Gaming!


  1. Crocodile Games does have some nice Egyptian miniatures, and I've ordered from them in the past. I also really like Reaper's Nefsokar Faction for Warlord; these are my favourite Egyptian-themed miniatures and I use many of them in my campaign.

    I'm even thinking of getting into Warlord so I can collect a Nefsokar army.

    1. Yeah I tried looking in the Nefsokar line and I really liked what I saw, I just didn't see anything that "clicked" for this particular character.

  2. Thanks for this; miniature companies are up against some stiff competition now that Reaper had that amazing Kickstarter campaign. This could be a company that steps up to the challenge. Maybe we're about to see a golden-age of miniatures?

    Remember Ral Partha? They're still around too.