Wednesday, June 6, 2012

"Lawful Evil Dwarven Cleric" kinda sounds Swedish!

FUN FACT! The title of this post came from my good friend Noah. Years ago -when myspace was still the social media network of choice- he commented my page with the statement: "Lawful Evil Dwarven Cleric: if you say it fast it kind of sounds Swedish!" Since then it's become one of our groups "staple catchphrases." 
We had our "Group One; Sub-group B" Game this past weekend. It was a blast! We introduced two new players to the game and like my wife an I, Andre and Katie are from Philadelphia! They both had a bit of rpg experience and really brought a breath of fresh air to the table. They role played like champs and played skillfully to boot.

 Katie casting "Burning Hands." I'm not sure if homeowners insurance covers that.

The story is a bit confusing, as we've had a few character changes, but let's just say we "hobbled it together." After sorting out who was playing what, the players were brought together by fate (namely: the gm). The"heroes" were all staying in the same town for one reason or another when a series of murders and disappearances occurred. Banding together, the group set out to find the culprits and claim their reward; which was stated on the wanted poster as: "no less than 5000 Gold Piece value!"

As they investigated, rumor began to spread that the victims were found devoid of blood and that the bodies would mysteriously disappear from the crime scenes. Fearing vampires, the townsfolk and even a few of the players began carrying holy water and braids of garlic to drive off any would-be blood suckers.

After sleuthing around the township and countryside, the party was able to piece together the location of the "vampire's" lair: an old compound in the woods built by a long dead cult of flagellants. Taking the side of caution, the group waited until morning and set off  in search of the fortress.

Entering the abandoned fort, they did not find vampires, but a small army of zombies! Through combat and investigation the party discovered that an evil dwarf cleric had raided a traveling sideshow and converted it's employees and attractions to a force of terrible undead. The main attraction of this show was a pair of chupacabra, which he used to kill and drain victims before he raised them as zombies!

Not to be confused with the deliciously elusive "Chalupacabra"

After defeating the zombies, chupacabra, the cleric and a mohrg, the party returned to town to claim their reward! Welcomed as heroes of the community, they were rewarded by the mayor and people of New Prindepth with 110 head of fine cattle, worth just about 5500 gold pieces!

Rest assured, they sold the cattle off and took a 15% loss, but with the loot they found, they'll have quite a nice pot o' gold once they find someone to sell it all!

Until next time, happy gaming!

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