Monday, January 30, 2012

Package on the Porch!

I returned home today to find a pleasant surprise. I discovered this on the porch!

My wife had ordered me a vintage set of miniatures from Etsy! This set is the official AD&D 'Tomb of Spells' from Grenadier models. I didn't bother looking up the dates online but the insert indicates they were made sometime around 1980.

Above: Cover - Below:Insert
The set is great. It comes included with a slew of monsters including a lich and a mind flayer! Unfortunately the package I received was missing two figures, but had two different figures in their place. One was a lunging elf warrior but the other was the real gem. The figure is a dwarf of gnome king sitting atop a throne made of a trees trunk. I've gone ahead and primed them earlier today, I cant wait to paint them!

The guy on the throne is my personal favorite.

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